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I have lots of experience working in commercial voiceovers. TV, Radio, Internet or for use on social media.


Press on the track below to listen to my commercial Demo.

Press play to hear Brian's commercial demo reel

I have  worked with several companies on their corporate videos, either as a promo for their company, explainer videos or general voiceover for their websites. An example of one of my voiceovers can be seen here.

Click on the video to see an example of one of my corporate voiceovers.

Medical explainers are vital to get the correct information across. People can often be put off by reading text with the complex names and medical terms used in explaining a medical procedure or an illness for example.

Having your medical explainer narrated in a calm and empathetic manner can often be the preferred way to get your message across.

I have examples I can send on request. Contact me for more info.

Narration and audio books are a big part of voiceover. From fiction to non-fiction, from children's books to plays.

Nothing is too much trouble and I am able to add character voices on demand if required.

Press on the track below to listen to an example of my narration.

Lake District Narration
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